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PeerDeviceNet connects your phones and tablets through WI-FI, WI-FI Direct, or mobile hotspot network to enable sharing across devices. It allow a group of devices share web pages, contact information, pictures, videos and other documentations. 
  1.  Safe direct connections.
In PeerDeviceNet, your devices connect to each other in direct peer-peer connections. There is no server in the middle, no account setup and no password to be protected, no worry that the server may keep a copy of your private information. You even don't need connection to outside internet.

No other devices can connect to your device without your active participation or notice. Nobody can "peek" at your data since no data are directly exposed. You must explicitly select data and send before chosen peers can see them. 

All connections are secured using TLS/SSL. 

  1. Simple connections.

Two simple methods to connect peer devices:
* By using NFC/Android_beam or camera scanning QR code. One device will be chosen as leader which will choose network (wifi, wifi direct or mobile hotspot), generate QR code image and start NFC transmit; others can join the group and connect to peers by simply scanning leader's QR code using rear or front camera or tapping with leader device.
* By search and find. In WI-FI networks (with multicast), simply start PeerDeviceNet or tap "Search and connect" button at multiple devices simultaneously; they can find and connect to each other automatically.

  1. Seamless integration with other apps.

PeerDeviceNet integrates with Android standard "send and share" feature and extends it across to peer devices. It works transparently with any apps which support "send and share", that is a long list including browsers, file managers, gallery, media players, etc.. PeerDeviceNet will be an entry in the "share via" list of these apps to allow them share data to remote devices. At receiving device, proper apps will be started to display the data.

  1. Flexible multitasking.
PeerDeviceNet allows all participating devices send data to each other simultaneously. It allows you send data to all or some of the connected devices. 

It will show the progress of all data transfer sessions; and any sessions can be cancelled at any time by clicking the red cancel icon.

PeerDeviceNet can safely run in the background. You can go to home screen and start other apps while PeerDeviceNet keeps transferring data in background. If you find new data to share (media, web page, etc.), simply click "share" button and add new sessions to PeerDeviceNet. 

At any moment, you can check the background transfer progress from system notification list. Clicking one of the PeerDeviceNet notifications which shows session in progress will bring you back to PeerDeviceNet window. Clicking one of the 100 percent complete notifications will bring up proper app to show the received data.